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I've used every Windows operating system since Windows 95 and honestly Windows ME easily tops the list for worst operating system. Windows 8 isn't bad but it's just not made for a PC. I don't want transitioning screens when I'm trying to run multiple things on my PC, I want to be able to easily have things pop up and down from the task bar. Also I happen to be one of those people who don't like things on multiple pages, I liked having all my programs on one long list.

Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
Not sure what Metro is, but given the context, I'm assuming the default touch-screen interface. For people who aren't tech-savvy, "getting around Metro" might be a horrific experience for them. Is a non-touch interface even integrated into W8 or do you have to modify core files manually / using different downloads + installations? If it's already there, it's not a big deal I suppose, but if it's not, that can be a lot of hassle just to get rid of W8's touch interface and integrate basic windows, task bars, etc. Plus, is the OS even able to efficiently run such a drastic alteration of the basic interface and functions of the OS to begin with? If it just diverts to a mini-7 experience, OK, but then why not just install W7 instead of running around in circles. W8 is obviously not designed for actual computer-based stuff; it's more of a mini flash game platform disguised as an OS. S'how I see it anyway. Inform me otherwise. As I said earlier, I've never used W8, but from the videos it doesn't look like my cup of tea.
You can install on a regular old desktop, it works kind of the same except you can't slide things around with your hand, you need to drag the slide bar at the bottom of the screen with your mouse.

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