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Haha, many thanks to both of you.

RP is always a bit of fun, but I worry that my poké-knowledge isn't good enough to RP with, not yet at least. I mean, I know a lot, but for a lot of the time I'm like, "uhhh... Okay. :3"

Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
I love Dragonite; it's one of my favourite Dragon-type pokemon along side Flygon and Kingdra. They are pretty wicked, aren't they? But at the same time, they can have soft spots, y'know? I guess it all matters on the different personalities of pokemon. @__@
Kingdra IS great too! And as a reflection of my lack of poké-knowhow, it's never really bothered me with weak teams. I mean, they go alright aesthetically and when strong enough beat other people, so oh well!

Originally Posted by Foxrally View Post
HOLY SHINX that sounds just like myself when I joined ... If you wanna be like the cool kids, i encourage you to get a snazzy signature (unlike me) and join an RP as soon as possible (which I did when I joined).
Yay for similarities! Haha.
I'll be sure to draw up a signature as soon as possible, but for now I'm working on a Gyarados coiled around an anchor as a tattoo design for a friend. but soon! And then when I'm snazzy I'll get my RP cannons ready.
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