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One of the best hacks I've ever played!

Just finished my second run with Empoleon as my starter (this guy is a beast! Serperior was killing me on my first run). Trained a Staraptor & Gliscor once again (those two are must haves for me). For the rest of my team I went with two majestic Lucarios (a Choice Band'ed physical attacker with Crunch, High Jump Kick, Iron Tail & Swords Dance; its special counterpart with Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse & Nasty Plot); dragons, ghosts, dark, rock & steel types never had a prayer! I reserved the last spot for Metagross who, although a fatal physical beast, was also risky against Earthquakers, especially when resorting to its less accurate Superpower & Meteor Mash.

Once again great job on the hack and huge thanks to the developper!

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