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Quote originally posted by hackstar:
but what about raqaza event? how he will be able to make that event?
Wait, and see...

Really, people from gamefreak aren't superhuman; they're just like anybody else, yet they still knew how to code pokemon Emerald from scratch!
I'm quite certain cabusao wasn't making this hack if he didn't have an idea how to implement all the necessary stuff in it.

Quote originally posted by Ksiazek Bartlomiej:
Pokemon Animations is not needed for this hack.
I think this hack was made to support the rom size up to 8MB, so there is plenty of space for adding animations for all the in-game pokemon if cabusao has the will to do de-make and insert them. The actual job behind making the game load animations for the pokemon would be the "easy part". All he had to do would be locating the asm routine Crystal uses and port it over to this Gold hack. And job well done!

But you're right though, having animations for pokemon wouldn't really make the hack any better.
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