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Austin Tseng - New York Atlantean Relief Centre - America

When the woman spoke again, Austin noticed a slight British accent. Well, not even that slight, it was very prominent. No, she wasn’t reaching Monty Python levels of British, but it was more of a modern, Daniel Craig James Bond sort of accent. It was kinda hot actually; Austin can dig it.

"I'm Antonia Costa; I can speak Italian naturally if that's what you're asking," she replied. Ah, she speaks Italian too? Perhaps she is Italian, her name sure fits it. Damn, she’s racking up those hotness points quickly. British accent? Plus one. Italian sounding name? Plus one. Speaks Italian? Plus seven. And it’s not like she really needs it, either. She’s already at least a 9, even without those bonus points. AND she’s Atlantean. Her ability could be something really sexy like super flexibility. Who knows?

"How about this, I'll tell you about mine if you tell me about yours?" she said with a slight smile. Austin chuckled. Was she flirting with him? How old was she anyway? 18, 19, 20, maybe 21? A hot, British/Italian, 20ish year old chick was starting to flirt with Austin. Did she know he was still in high school? Not like it mattered to him, but he’d have to bring it up if she was really digging him, in case she thought he was older.

Don’t screw this up Austin. This is a CHOICE babe bro. Do NOT screw this up.

Smiling a bit to himself, Austin said, “Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be?” He glanced at the guard nearby before he continued, “My ability is totally kickass. Check it out, I control light!” he held his hand out, with a ball of bright white light in the palm. He clasped his hands together after a second. The guard shot him a weary look, before returning to watching the hallway. Austin shrugged it off and looked at Antonia’s face. She kinda looked like Hermione… but damn, did she make it work.

“Your turn,” he said playfully.

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