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Quote originally posted by Somniac:
I guess I should probably sign up to this, to be honest I had no idea this thread existed until I found it just now.

I've had that exact same talk, during high-school I told my best friend I was lesbian [at the time I thought I was, turns out i'm bi though - Boy did that whole situation confuse me.]

When I told her she basically named every girl in out year saying 'What about ___, do you think she's cute?'

Apart from her and a select few others, everyone else just tried to bully me, but hey; kids are *******s right?

Nowadays if someone asks me my sexuality I just say i'm greedy and can't choose
Ahaha yeah I'm sure all the raptors (lesbians) get the "is shhheeee cute? is shhheee cute? what about her?" talk eventually. :p

The only difference here is that in HS I am not bullied. People know I'm gay and they don't care, they're pro gay so it's cool.
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