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"The thing is not ready to be sold, however lot's want it"
Those words were spoken by Samuel Oak in December 1979, The then only 24 years
Old, Still unknown man, Attempting to make an elektronic device , To save all Pokémon Species,
But, Who knowed that Samuel Oak isn't the man about the plan?;
Well, The original plan dates in 1961 , Just after the Release of the internet for the government, A guy named
Gregory Ketchum, Grandfather of Ash Ketchum, Came on the idea of making the device,
However in 1961 technical screen limitation forced him to stop, But right before the release in 1980 strange and odd
things starten to happen...
Like, Professor Drew Thompson, Who made the design, dissapeared , his body was found in October 1987, Just after Mewtwo
First appeared...But that isn't the most odd thing, For example, The dissaperance of 75% of all Pikachu, Charmander and
Meowth, in 1977, In 1977 it became publically known about the device,But Yeah 10 years later
In February 1990, The official concept of Gym badges and a League becomes a fact, Even more, The Grandfather of Ash
Ketchum, Becomes Saffron City Gym, But more odd things came from then off.
Such as in June only 4 months after he became leader, He was fired, By Giovanni Ramon, Then still a businessman and
The League Champion.
In September 1 day before he would be officially fired, A fire popped up, The gym burned down, It is believed that he
died in the fire, But his body was never found...
In June 1992 Professor Samuel Oak receives a strange phonecall From the Just Studied-off Birch, Which would eventually
become The Professor of Hoenn, From now off, the story begins;

This tea is cold!, Shouted Samuel at the waiter abord the train restaurant,
Excuse me, Sir, I'll get you a new come, Hmm..Fear could be heard from the voice of the waiter...
The Professor, Was a bit scared by the look in the eyes of the waiter...15 Minutes later, The Diner Came,
But this time it was another waiter...
Samuel started to think something was wrong, The woman in the seat behind him, who was a Police agent, Asked him if
something was wrong,
Stubborn as hell he said, NO!
Evening came a fact, and it was about 10.30 P.M when he finally decided to go to the bed...
The Mysterious phone call of Birch scared him...

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