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Originally Posted by Geras32 View Post
A few questions:
-Who will be starting the battle with Oz? Will one of the ones nearby (Yorick, Gavin, Allister) be allowed to strike first, or do we assume Oz is so good that none of their attacks would be able to hit anyway?
-Will the battle be made in a joint post, or individual posts? If individual, will we each make short one-move posts and wait for an Oz post reply, or will we get a reference of some of his abilities to include into our posts? If joint who will post it, and do we need to wait for everyone else to show up first?
-Do we assume Oz will never go beyond toying with the students and that they are in no serious danger, or that in a pinch (assuming that the students are able to gain an upper hand at all) he will shoot to kill?
-Is there any chance of the students winning before Higoroshi gets there?
-I'll let you guys start the battle, we'll just wait for the others to arrive and yes, Oz is that good that your attack will probably hit the gravestone instead of him.
-Oz will go futher than just playing with students, however, at first he will only play a little though. Why it is like this? That will be explained in Ryuu's post.
-Just normal posts will be okay with me. I'm way too busy to make joint posts, ask TornZero. I promised her I would get on a tab she made but I was never able to get on ^^; so sorry TornZero~
-There might be or there might be not~

Lili- only visiting won't be enough, unless Elene paid lots of visits.

Khawill yes, but Frio is a snowman and won't be able to smell blood or body smells (unless someone smells really badly? XD)

ShinyDiamond- that won't effect Nami~ c: bahahaha~
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