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Hey there, welcome to PC! :3 Hopefully you're not just here to advertise or anything, since that's the vibe I'm getting from your username, but I could very well be wrong.

We don't get much fandub discussion at all on the forum so it's kind of hazy on figuring out where it would belong; my first thought would be Pokemon Anime, but after browsing and noticing that another fandub thread made there was locked last year, it gets complicated. My next choice is Pokemon General, though you'd definitely have to message the moderator of the section, Toujours, to see what she'd think. You can always contact a higher staff member or post asking in the Quick Questions & Answers thread, too, as I'm sure others might be able to help you out as well. Sadly Pokemon Anime has no moderator right now so there's no one specifically you can go to. ;~; But hopefully this helps you out a bit, so good luck!

Do enjoy your stay on PC though, and I'll be hoping you can be active around here. Can never have too many new members! Have a great time, read the rules, and see you around~! Oh, and if you have more questions, contact a moderator or post in the questions thread I linked above. That's the best way to get in touch with someone who can help. :D

Have fun!
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