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Ruth is a gorgeous name. I think I had someone in my family named that; maybe a great-grandmother, though it's hard to remember. But anyway, welcome to PC! n~n

I'm seeing a lot of cool interests you're into, which means you probably have lots 'n lots you can do here! Hikari already pointed out some sections you may like, so here's hoping you've looked through those or other parts of the forum already. Been almost 24 hours since you've made this thread so it's about time to get past that first post, right? :D Some of my favorite cartoons are Avatar, Adventure Time, and Young Justice. Maybe you like some of those too, that'd be awesome. If not, just ignore my silliness!

But goodness I rarely see people who mention liking Koffing. Shame since he's cute.. definitely cuter than Weezing, poor thing. I've always missed James' Koffing and when it evolved and later left the series I was so sad. :( Bisharp is amazing too, though so are all the other Pokemon you listed!

Anyways, have a great time here! Make sure you've read the rules if you haven't yet, and have fun.
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