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♦ How do you react to being flirted with IRL and/or online?

I usually play along. It also depends on the context, though. If it's someone who I don't know and randomly starts flirting, I'll just ignore the person cause, well, who are you? If it's someone I've talked to a bit, I'm more comfortable with it.

♦ Do you flirt online/IRL?

Lol, yes. People call me out on it all the time. :c

♦ Are you a serious flirt or a joking flirt?

Always joking. If I actually liked someone that way (it's rare), I'll tend to be more serious with that person when it comes to the compliments. Or I'll just straight out admit I like them.

♦ When is flirting creepy?

When it's sudden, out of nowhere, and from a complete stranger.

I totally knew someone was going to make this thread when I saw the DCC :I
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