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I'm waiting for the Wii U. I'm interested in WindWaker, but if it's just rendering it HD, I already have it for Gamecube (two copies, even) and if I want to play it, I'll just do it that way. It's not worth 300$ + cost of games and controllers.

I also tried the new Rayman game out at The Source the other day. It was really super uber prettiful, but the controls were stupid. You're pretty much looking at the handheld most of the time! What's the point of having a gigantic TV screen if you're going to be playing most of the game on baby screen?

Now, by stupid, I mean just the fact you're always looking at the screen. The controls themselves were unique and innovative enough, but I think they focused too much on the WiiPad to make the game enjoyable.

I'll also be waiting for a Zelda announcement and a price drop before I even consider it.

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