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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Different movepools is the word you wanted to say
Yes just the right word I wanted to say

Originally Posted by oshaolan View Post
I already understood that when you said sneasel could learn "false swip" but what i'm asking is : "will Dimoret also learn false swip ?" or "when sneasel will learn it ?"

some pokemon tend to not learn move anymore when they evolve.
As I am not the creator of the hack I don't know which moves SKY has put on each Poke including your Sneasel

Originally Posted by nbrown23 View Post
I am playing the game and have got to Golden City. I want to go north but, of coarse, there is a snorlax sleeping there. I talk to the girl outside the station and she said i need a S-Machine!? Where do i get that, or how do i get a poke flute to get past snorlax?
Fly to the league and beat it. After that head back to Golden city. You will find rival Sky outside the battle tower. Fight him and he will award you with Poke Flute app for S- machine. My question here is have you already gotten the S- Machine?
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