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It became a restless night, and the day after he would finally reach Hoenn, He took the special road build over the sea,
It was a long trip, he decided to get out his bed early at 5.25 A.M, He didn't decided to do Pokémon research,
But Detective research...He tried to get in the kitchen, But the door was shut,he decided to go back to his bed, Until
he heard someone shouting at the sounded as the voice of the Police woman, he decided to rush back to bed,
to not look suspicious...
He fell asleep, forgotting the crie everything, The day after he became told that the woman was raiped and murdered...
He heard the rumors about it was a "Ghost-train", But never believed 9.30 A.M He reached Slateport City,
in the afternoon the would take the ferry to Petalburg City. His Cellphone rang, it was Burch...
He took up the phone and said casually: Hello, It's Samuel Oak, Is anything wrong
The guy on the other line wasn't burch and the guy responded: If you ever want to see burch back, Then stop your research
about "Pokémon", the guy hang up...
Oak was frightned, He started to shake, he was drawning in Cold-Fearsweat...
He decided to go drink something in a pub, but then a guy clothed in Blue clashed at him, the guy didn't apologize..
Oak saw him entering the Aqua Museum were the unknow Blue Orb layed...Another thing he had to research, he was drowning
in his work, but he didn't realize it.
It become afternoon he rushed to the Harbor and he took the Ferry to the Rustboro beach, he arrived and he decided to
before he would go to litteroot, to ask something to The Rustboro Gym Leader, then it wasn't Norman, But James.
Earth Leader James. His team existed out of Graveler,Camerupt,Numel, He was the 5th leader, the same as now.
Oak asked: Do you know what happened to Burch?
James responed shy: the News...Pa..per. , Ther...e is an ar...ticle about...
Oak knowed something was wrong and asked: WHAT IS WRONG?, YOU LOOK SO SCARED?
Nothing, And now leave, I can't help you anymore!
Oak walked to Oldale, and then to Litteroot...Hmpff;Litteroot seems to be empty...
Nobody was there, Except an heavy injured zigzagoon, Oak tried to cure his wounds, but it was already too late...
The Zigzagoon died to his injuries, Oak started to crie...
On a certain stood behind him with a gun and 5 Raichu, ready to elektrocute Oak, He didn't saw or heared and the weaponed
man said: Running wont work anymore!!, We got you Oak!
Oak turned around and saw him; A guy dressed in black with a sort of cap with a symbol on...
My name is Archie! , Archie Duck. I'm the leader of Team Aqua,
Oak looked confused , he thought: What the hell is team Aqua..But he thought a bit too loud, Archie heard him...
However, that's the last thing I remember, I waked up at a beach, I was in LilyCove city,
The other side of the country...
He saw an entrance to a strange cavern...a little arrow writen on it: Team Aqua HQ; The HQ?
So, they dropped him there, or that's what Samuel thought, No,no,no.
He wasn't brought there by team Aqua, But at the moment he didn't realised that.
Time passed by, at a moment we were 3 July 1992.
Two weeks after the phone call...still didn't found out what happened,Oak gave up...
He took the train back, again that "Ghost-Train" he felt sorry for what he had done..
Birch was more in danger that moment then he could realise...
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