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I had 3 cards eligible for a OTK in my hand, 2x Tremendous Fire & 1x Dice Jar.

I used my two Tremendous Fire to get my opponent's life points to 6000 since one of them takes out 1000 LP from my opponent, and 500 to mines. Then I set my Dice Jar face down. My opponent then made his turn putting some backrows and attacked my face down Dice Jar. The effect of Dice Jar is ' Both players roll a six-sided die once. The player with the lowest result takes damage equal to their opponent's result x 500 Life Points. However, if a winner's result is 6, the loser takes 6000 points of damage.' So he rolled a 5 and I rolled a 6, meaning I took off 6000 LP from it, which was how much life point he was remaining.
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