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If NK would try to nuke someplace, they would face annihilation. Which i was hoping and praying. The US would be forced to destroy NK and millions of people will die forcefully because of the rash actions of their young leader. Kim Jong Un may not be Stalin, but maybe much worse if this things will continue.
Kim Jong Un knew the military capabilities of US and its allies which gave him the benefit of the doubt not to lunchan all out war. So for now trolling around with this "threats" would suffice. And I can't believe China's buddies with NK.

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He truly is just a kid with big toys... and no leadership skills whatsoever... Now they're telling foreigners to evacuate too. 7000 Australians evacuated the other day.. (last week i think). and today is the day it's apparently ment to happen (as of posting this it is 12:57, 10th of April in North Korea).

Today is the day to hold our breaths I guess..
They should've chosen a more capable leader. I don't know how they've chosen their leader, but they sure have chosen the uh... I'm not gonna say it. It reminds me of early japanese emperors, only following their councilors. Glad I moved out from my hometown to the capital. The place I'm from I'm dangerously close to NK.

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