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Manga 533 leaks
Continuation of the last chapter, not much to talk about.
Isshin is a nice guy, Tosen gets all upset, Aizen is as always scheming.
Was annyone else a bit confused with the art style on the bottom half of the second to last page?
It was really weird, kind like something out of Soul Eater...
And Urahara as always, also being devious and ominous.

Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times.
I'm the best poster? well dang. o3o

And I'm working on it okay. It's like a flying around, sniping kind of zanpakuto.
Well, you just have the most posts in the club.
(other than ILP, who doesn't come around so much anymore)
I think Lapras is second, and then me, in post count.

Hmm, sounds interest. I hope you finish it soon.