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When something earns astronomical popularity, people will talk. Nobody can honestly stop them. And generally with popularity comes fair share of the so-called haters. This is more apparent on the internet than in real life, though. People just don't have time for crap like that irl. Internet will always have its share of vocal minority which enjoy calling stuff crap just because it is popular and they're all hipster beings.

This guy, for example. Makes a 13 minute video with nothing to say besides "I hate **** because they're mainstream. Mainstream = bad". I honestly feel a strong dislike towards people like them. It is okay to dislike something if you dislike certain aspects of the said thing and have experience. But it is definitely not okay to call stuff crap if you haven't even given stuff a fair chance and don't have reasons other than "lol itz mainstream/popular so itzz crap".

The worst part? There are times when I have acted like one of them too. Like, for instance, I labelled Fairy Tail as a rip-off of One Piece once. Called it a duplicate. And posted "proofs", even. :(


Sorry K-ON! fans. But I hate it. And I will continue to do so no matter what happens. :(ALSO TARA gawd gurl you're so rude sheesh