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♦ How do you react to being flirted with IRL and/or online?

Depends on the context. Usually I wouldn't mind it, but generally I'm way too modest for serious "complimentary" style flirting. Slightly-dirty comments, on the other hand, fluctuate between creepy and funny to me. Again, depending on the whos, whats, whens, and wheres.

♦ Do you flirt online/IRL?

Not really. I mean, in my opinion anyway. Some people view my enthusiasm and over embellishment as flirtatious, but really it's just my way of being nice. Nah, true flirting, is reserved for my boyfriend. :3

♦ Are you a serious flirt or a joking flirt?

If at all, it would be joking and all in good fun. But I try not to put myself or anyone else in a compromising position, so I'll generally take a backseat until I'm absolutely positive about the details.

♦ When is flirting creepy?

When it makes me feel uncomfortable, really. Which isn't as hard to as one would assume. And that's not reserved for just flirting. Pretty much anything can make me feel uncomfortable if there's too much of an agenda behind it, you know?

Hah, I guess I take it more seriously than I though. :c

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