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Quote originally posted by dkp:
Not what I meant - I know that, quite well actually. There is no RTC because even in the one or two insane flashcarts that include it, it doesn't work the way interdpth's does. I'm not using interdpth's rtc at all at this point; I just felt the need to explain that I already know I can't wrap some random person's (in this case, primedialga's) day and night to this clock fix, by having it read the values this routine sets. And I lack the experience to write a dan from scratch that reads from the bytes this sets.

So, I take it there's no DAN that would be compatible with this?
If by DAN you mean the changing of colors then no (At least not anything available publicly). If one were developed using the rtc Emerald already has then it would work with the clock fix.
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