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Quote originally posted by Bloodex:
Damn, this whole time I was assuming she was a guy.

Apparently she's hot, too? Everyone I know says that. :I
Toph is just awesome. I don't like her because she's hot or anything. I just like her because she's amazing!

Quote originally posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗:
I don't think so. Sometimes one of my cats eats too quickly and vomits up partially digested food. He also puked up the legs of a cricket he tried to eat (and ate part of).

Considering the only time I've seen Toph was Mac's theme, I honestly didn't realize that she's female until recently. Oops haha.

Which reminds me that I really should get a theme soon. I'll stop being lazy eventually. Maybe.
Toph is a tomboy, though. So that's understandable.

Quote originally posted by Bloodex:
Okay, I'm going to assume the girl in Mac's account is Toph.

You mean my profile? Yeah, that's Toph a bit grown up. :3

Quote originally posted by AWsquared:
He's what's called an air nomad and when air nomads have shown they mastered airbending they are marked with the arrow tattoos on their forehead and body.

And yeah that's Toph in Mac's theme. And yeah's she's only 12 in the original series.
Haha, yes she's only twelve in the show.

Quote originally posted by Bloodex:
....oh, isn't that kind of awkward. :c
Just a bit.

Quote originally posted by AWsquared:
Yeah it is unless you're into pedophilia. I guess she looks a bit older?
Haha, she looks older in my profile because she was meant to be older. :3