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Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
Aha, I'm relieved. I was beginning to worry that there was some truth to your comment in that thread about suddenly dropping the project.
I've yet to make up my mind about my future with Essentials, but I almost certainly won't drop it completely. The nearest to that would be that I fall back to an advisory/director/compiler role, where I still put out the releases but they only contain stuff which other people have contributed. I'll have a think.

Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
The following was observed in a double battle between two allied partners, but I assume that doesn't have to be the case:
Electivire used Discharge!
Lanturn's Volt Absorb restored HP!
A critical hit!
When an ability cancels a move like that, there shouldn't be a chance for it to crit- or at least the message shouldn't be displayed.
True enough (it was just the message showing when it shouldn't). I've fixed that, and I've also fixed Air Balloon popping because of non-damaging moves (it shouldn't) because I happened to notice it at the same time.
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