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Hi Maris, welcome to PC~ :D

Heck yeah Pokemon games! Love them too. Which one is your favorite?! Share some more info, I'd love to get to know you more! How about the spinoff games like Mystery Dungeon or Ranger, do you like those? I've never gotten too into them but lately I have been so hooked on the new PMD game, Gates to Infinity. It's so good. <3; Black 2 and White 2 are wonderful as well, however, and I hope you've played them!

You'll definitely be able to get help here for pretty much anything. Whether it's hacks, official games, life problems, and so on. I can probably for a whiiile but you probably get the point that we're a big forum, hehe. Have you browsed around yet? You can always drop me off a message if you'd like to chat, too; would love to be friends! Can never have enough, plus it makes coming back here a lot more worthwhile if you know someone.

Read the rules and have a blast!

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