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Spencer - Chapter 2


Spencer threw his bedsheets off and got to his feet slowly, in a undisciplined manner, from out of his bed. He was fully recovered from the last mission and couldn't feel any pain no doubt due to being a reaper although he could still trace where his scars were on his body. It made him feel even more inhumane, it seemed to take a certain pleasure and genuineness out of his life although there isn't much he could do about it now. He had a job to do and he couldn't cease to function due to being in a bad mood, seeing as how that wouldn't sit well with his superiors.

As he walked towards his door, he noticed a head-sized raven tapping against the window. Spencer groaned and slid the window open with hesitation, forcibly grabbing the bird and untying the letter on it's leg as it struggled in his arm. As he opened the envelope he noticed the ink was blood red, making Spencer feel slightly squirmish.

We have discovered that a species of fire demon has appeared in the Great Sandy Desert, Australia, Earth. You and your partner for this mission, Adrian Frode...

A sharp pain ran through Spencer's arm as he looked down and saw the bird pecking at his arm and a crimson red droplet fell down his arm. Spencer threw the letter at the bird and his lungs flared.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" Spencer's fist was shaking and he felt sick with himself once more, replacing his sudden anger. He knew the bird most likely wanted some food or something. Spencer retrieved some crackers and held them out to the bird, who slowly pecked away at the food while climbing onto his wrist. Walking out of the door, Spencer began to make his way out to Australia.

Apparently they didn't think he needed a break from such a disastrous mission. All he was to this society was a tool. It may have been for a good purpose but he knew he was beginning to loathe himself to an extent just for mindlessly following orders like this even though it was for the good of humanity. He lit a cigar and made his way towards the door once more...


Spencer was unable to manipulate his energies to use the psychic-like abilities of his coworkers although his brute physical strength was unmatched. Physical strength hardly did anything helpful though except for in fights, and only against certain enemies. Because of his lack of even a novice ability to even teleport, he was able to carry around an enchanted coin. It wasn't of pound sterling but rather was solely unique and it had no other counterparts, which he could use for inter-dimensional teleportation. All he had to do was flip it and call out the location he was headed to although it had a limit on it which he hadn't figured out yet. This coin was special to him though. It wasn't originally enchanted and it was the only personal possession he had from his mortal life. Looking at it reminded him of his sister, who was the only person from his family who he could still remember entirely, and how little he did to keep his family together...


A coin rotated into the air and landed in Spencer's palm.

"Great Sandy Desert, Australia, Earth, Milky Way." Spencer muttered as the coin returned to his hand by gravitational pull and the instant it returned to his palm, he vanished into thin air, leaving behind a tail of smoke.

As Spencer gained footing he frowned. Back into the desert again. Apparently whoever had the job of assigning him to this mission was a heartless jerk. Without much reaction, he had his usual clothing on: his bartender uniform, and continued to smoke. Holding his hand up, the bird flew into the sky into the direction of the sun. Spencer opened the palm of his hand revealing the coin sinking into his skin. It was apart of him and all that was left to prove that his memories weren't the babblings of a madman.

Spencer pivoted around to see a guy in his twenties wearing jeans and a hooded leather jacket. His hair was messy and he had a dreary gray sword at his hip. Spencer blinked quickly, adjusting his eyes to the lighting of the desert through his shades and held out his hand to who he assumed was Adrian.

"I'm going to take a shot in the dark and assume that you are my partner, Adrian."


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