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Hi everyone! This is my first time posting. I made this account in order to look for a partner in creating my new hack POKEMON OVERDRIVE.

I have just finished writing down the summary of the story. My problem right now is that I'm not very good at hacking roms and I keep messing up. This is the part where I need help. I would be glad if anyone would want to team up and finish this hack.


The story takes place in the Hearth Region (what Hoenn is called in the near future). Basically the story is a continuation of POkemon Emerald. After Brendan becomes League Champion and passes the Battle Frontier, he marries May years later and retires back to Littleroot town. Now the main character of Pokemon Overdrive is either Brian(if player chooses male) or Maria(if player chooses female). He/she is the only child of Brendan and May who dreams of becoming League Champion like his/her parents. While on the journey (after first badge) He/she arrives at a town where rumors spread about a rampaging black dragon. The main character continues (before second badge) and meets Team Shadow - a mysterious but surely evil team with bad plans. The battle with Team Shadow continues...
by the Fifth badge, The main character arrives at a city being burned down to ashes by a BLACK RAYQUAZA (Lv. 100). Of course the main character would try to capture the dragon but unfortunately it gets away before the hero could battle. This is where Team Shadow reveals their aim of capturing Black Rayquaza and using it for world domination.
The parents tell Brian/Maria to go home as soon as they receive news of the black Rayquaza. They give the hero a pokeball containing the Original Rayquaza (Brendan capture it in Pokemon Emerald - Lv. 50 - weak from all the years it was sealed in a pokeball). The hero must train it (go through sixth badge to Elite Four, still fighting Team Shadow along the way) in order to chase and defeat the Black Rayquaza.
By the end of the story - the hero finds answers as to how the Black Rayquaza was born, what its weakness is, and bring back the throne of the Original Rayquaza as king of Hoenn/Hearth.