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Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
Manga 627 leaks
Holy crap this chapter is awesome! :D
Sasuke won't die as a Gollum-esque person, blindly consumed by rage and vengeance!
I've actually regained some respect for Sasuke now.

We get to see that Tobirama wasn't a racist dick after all. xD

Poor Suigetsu, the guy can't get a break.

Hmm, I think a double issue is worth waiting an extra week. :p

What are you talking about? >.>

I don't think he sealed that inside himself, but just with the Dead Demon Consuming Seal.
Which could mean that it will naturally return to Kurama.
But we'll just have to wait and see how Kishimoto plays this out.
Just saying Naruto could use a power boost.

I mean Juubi & Madara & Obito are pretty OP.