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Update time dattebayo!

-Caught Gonryomaru/Shinx (M, Lv.6, Route 203)
-Trained for a while
-Camped out near the entrance to Oreburgh Gate

Current Team is unchanged except for Gonryomaru, who is now Lv.13
Tackle, Leer, Charge, Spark

EDIT: Another update!

Finally made it to Oreburgh, after catching a female Zubat, which I named Kazeshini and was about to enter the gym, but I spied an all too familiar blonde child licking the windows outside the gym. I groaned as I knew I'd have to wait for Kisuke to satiate his window hunger, which could take hours. Since it'd take a while, I decided to scope out the city and do a bit of levelling.
Decided to check out the mine and see if I could find anyone new to add to the team, and ended up catching an Aron, who received the nickname Hozukimaru.
I trekked through the mine and found a guy at the end who was picking up rocks and caressing them softly and whispering to them. I must've startled him, because he looked up at me with fright and chucked the rock to the ground, shattering it to pieces. I looked blankly at him and he told me to forget what I had seen. In exchange, he said he'd let me into his gym for a battle. I agreed to his conditions. It's a good thing I didn't bring Hozukimaru with me. After leaving the mine, I decided to rest in the Pokémon Center for a while.

Team is unchanged from earlier.
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