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Nathan - Celestic Town

'First time in Celestic Town...'Nath noticed that the town was still intact, but there wasn't that many people. Everyone seemed to stare at him when he flew down, as if they had nothing better to do. It was slightly creepy, and like a ghost town. Everyone seemed so depressed. Actually thinking about it, the whole place was filled with elderly. There was not a single person that looked under 60 there. Nathan didn't want to speak, as none of the other residence seemed to want to either. The fog was deep, so finding is way was somewhat difficult. Even though the creepy atmosphere, Nath felt like that to be some secrets hidden within this town. Why? Because Nath was curious, he had learned about the Celestic ruins when he was 5, so it was his natural instincts to investigate. He felt a bit rude, just barging in and not saying hello, but again it couldn't be helped. The whole town was the definition of 'creepy.

The ruin's were actually more comforting than in the town itself. There was a decent amount of light, and Nath could actually see where he was going. There was no-one here, so this gave Nath a perfect opportunity to inspect the ruins carefully. In doing so, he was pleased to find some information based upon arceus inscribed on a strange plate.
"Arceus is the being of one type,
but the 16 plates that accompany him bring him power,
without these plates, arceus grows weary,
and even out of control,
to stop his rage that plates must be returned to him,
he can devour the world."
The last sentence gave Nath shudders. 'he can devour the world?' What was that supposed to mean. Was he literally going to 'eat' the world? The other thing that caught Nathans eye was the point about the plates being returned. Perhaps arceus removed the pokémon in a rage? Perhaps if he had all of his plates he would have been more generous? Nath wanted more answers. Perhaps there's more to this ruins then meets the eye...

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