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Shadow Norborn
Mauville City

Shadow listened carefully to the conversation, nothing told him to attack so he simply stood ready... but all the preparation in the world could not prepare him for what happened next. Aecor was killed by a human! Kip gave an attack order as did Adam. the blaziken killed the one who killed Aecor and then everything broke into chaos. Shadow launched a shadow ball at Adam and then threw one of his ice bombs at him. he then charged at a human private nearby he brought out his Frost dagger and stabbed the human in the chest. he then pulled his dagger out of the human's chest and jumped out of the way to observe what was going on.

Swordsman had charged at Adam and was dueling to him, Juggernaut was bombarding both sides ( the humans and the Caerulus tribe with ice missiles, giant chunks of exploading ice that when it hits explode launching smaller chunks of ice in every direction.) Quake was launching large shots of water at the Caerulus tribe and then he unleashed an earthquake, Disaster charged at the humans and engaged with the nearest human.

Shadow returned to fighting and threw some more ice bombs in the directions of both enemy groups. the bombs exploded throwing ice everywhere. and causing injury.
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