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can I have a Pokepuff?
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I use YouTube a lot, but not on it everytime, or every day, about 4-5 times a week.

Do you often go on YouTube? - I go a lot, but not every single time I'm online
If so, what types of videos do you watch? - variety, depends on what I feel like watching that day
News, shows, gaming, music, or just random stuff you enjoy? - I prefer to watch random videos, videos on how to cook, no specific, not really news, for the news I just go to my cities local online news. At times I can watch full length football game, at times CAF or AFC will stream games live.
What Youtubers do you normally watch? - joyofcooking (learn to bake deserts), aeriscooking (learn to cook Korean meals), TV Tokyo (previews)

If not, why don't you like YouTube? I watch it, its not the only site I watch videos, some I'm not allowed to mention on PC (against the rules)
Do you go on another video sharing website, like DailyMotion of Vimeo? - I don't like Vimeo, I occationally watch DailyMotion
I Fire Foxes and Cats!!
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