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Hi Otakugirl! Welcome to PC~ :3

Well I can see why PC would be complicated.. this place is huge, after all. D: I was overwhelmed myself at first but it's not hard to get the hang of how this place works. Just do some browsing and post around - you learn best by doing! What kinds of hacks are your favorites? I like R/S/FR/LG hacks the most (yaaay 3rd gen) and luckily for me there seems to be more of those around, so there's more to play. There are some really great ones here, like Liquid Crystal and Flora Sky! Oh man you make me want to go play them again, omg. Been a few months since I picked up a hack and sometimes I miss it.

We look forward to having you around! n~n Can chat with all sorts of fans here, so make sure to stick around. Hope the Emulation section has all you're looking for and I'll be wishing you luck with your hack-making. Leave a message on my profile about your progress too, I'd love to know! And maybe we can even talk Pokemon. Always fun to make more friends, after all.

Enjoy your staaaay~!

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