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Friday was an okay day for me. About to have all I could ever want for dinner (homemade fries, ham sandwiches, and mac & cheese).

Got stuck at school 'til 5 expecting to see my date for our military ball one more time out of class before it happens next Saturday. I say my "date for the ball" because our dynamic is quite complicated (think old boyfriend, controlling behavior, etc etc etc).

I racked my brain to remember todays trials, and I honestly don't remember much else. Oh, and I had a big emotional convo with her over text last night. Told her how I felt even though she already knew from months ago lol.
I want to have my hand held tightly,
and be woven in a hug
I wanna be sung to, put on the spot
And told I'm really what you want
I want roses, I want flowers; I want a kiss too
Can you show everyone how special I am to you?
Can you carry me in your arms?

That same me wants to protect, to uphold
To look out for you and ensure your health
I'd take the fall for what's wrong with you
Do you want to be carried? To have your hand held?
I would write a sonata for you as soon as the inspiration came
We could go on an adventure, I could be your guide
We'll be like little kids again, with all the fun and bliss

We'll have the time of our lives, we'll be lovers under the moon
Sipping lemon and breathing in the mountains
And we'll go to sleep as one and never wake up