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Quote originally posted by Kotowari:
My guess is that Birds (and specially birds of prey) have a very keen eye (look at Pidg's ability) and they're therefore very aware of their surroundings. Ghosts, who blend with their surroundings, are therefore unable to escape a Bird's attention. A hawk can catch a mouse from a considerable height, so it's not far-fetched to assume that they can hit a ghost with speed and agility.
Birds of prey also appear to be fearless, which means "evil" can't touch them.
And birds are often thought to be signs of righteousness, hence why ghosts can't touch them. I mean, this seems like a possibility to me.

I never really considered this before but I think you have a really good point. Birds are usually associated with good (the phoenix, the eagle, etc) and many are expert hunters. This is a totally different approach to the question and I think it makes sense and holds a lot weight :3

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