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Soulsilver Update #3

So progress has been painfully slow on Soulsilver but I'll update on what I've done so far. After defeating Whitney with a series of Double Kicks, Headbutts and the help of Poison Point, I left the gym and headed north to continue my journey. On the way I decided to check out a small lonely-looking flower shop near the edge of the town. Inside the lady gave me a SquirtBottle to wake up the tree near Ecruteak City. I gave her a confused look but thanked her anyway before leaving the store.

After tucking away the Squirtbottle in my bag, I decided to skip the Pokeathlon for the moment. I would come back later if I was in the mood for commanding my Pokemon over hurdles and watching them run wild in an arena. Although I did feel in the mood for an activity rather than getting attacked by a pack of Rattatas so I decided to participate in the Bug Catching Contest. After being given special Pokeballs, which were called Sport Balls, I entered the National Park, searching around for a few powerful bug Pokemon to capture.

I also took this as an opportunity for great training as some of the higher levelled Pokemon provided wonderful experience. I remembered scolding myself about training earlier but dismissed the though quickly and managed to evolve Zubat into Golbat as I did so. Although my participation in the Bug Contest wasn't wasted, as I caught a female Pinsir later and boxed it away.

Afterwards as I continued heading north, I battled a few trainers along the way. There was a skilled schooboy by the name of Jack and Psychics with speedy Abras. I also managed to encounter a few Pokemon I hadn't seen on my journey so far, such as Stantlers and Vulpixs which were roaming the tall grass. As I walked slowly, I then noticed a huge obstacle directly in front of me,

I poked it carefully and examined it. It appeared to be an odd-looking tree which seemed to be moving uncomfortably. I stood there speechless for a few minutes, a moving tree? Pull yourself together Sophie, I thought firmly. But then the words the lady at the flower shop had said to me an hour earlier rang inside my head like chiming bells. "Use this SquirtBottle on the odd tree near Ecruteak City." she whispered before bidding me a good day.

I suppose this was the so called odd tree. I did as she instructed and poured a few drops of water on the tree, before it suddenly attacked. It turned out to be a wild Sudowoodo, so thankfully my mind wasn't playing ridiculous tricks on me. I sent out Ozzy (Poliwag) and managed to knock it out with a few Water Guns. It didn't matter much that I had completely missed the opportunity to capture it, surely there would be another time I could see it again.

Then I decided to check on my party before realising they were majorly underlevelled for the next gym battle. I decided to stop and train on the wild Stantler for a while slowly closing gaps between the highest and lowest levelled members of my team although I saved training Golurk (Exeggcute) for later as it was weak against most of the opponents roaming the area. As I was training, my Golbat evolved into a lightning fast Crobat and feeling satisfied I decided to stop my training for the moment.

After healing up and obtaining a Dowsing Machine, I came across the Burned Tower and peered through a charred window. Inside I could see a few people dawdling around while others were staring intensely at a hole in the middle of the creaky floors. My curiosity got the better of me as I entered. Upon coming inside I met a man by the name of Euisune, who ironically was searching for a Pokemon by the name of Suicune. Euisune, Suicune, you can see the similarity in those names right? Remembering the horrible pun about Euisune, I tried to contain my laughter as he babbled on before muttering something and walking off. I then met the city's gym leader who introduced himself as Morty, a friend of Euisune. As I walked further into the tower, my mouth's corners twitched. Standing directly in front of me was the arrogant jerk, Silver. He smirked and walked over to me saying that I should be busy playing with Rocket Grunts instead of fighting powerful trainers like him. I had the urge to slap him but resisted it, even then there was no slap command implemented into Pokemon.

Instead we duelled again for the third time. I started off with Jake (Crobat) and took Gastly down with Bite. His Magnemite came out next and I decided to switch into Shawn (Nidorina) and pulled off a Dig which took it down instantly. Next up was his starter, I didn't want to risk sending in Golurk (Exeggcute) in fear of Ice Fang and possibly Bite or Crunch so I went with Jelli (Flaaffy) instead. After a few Scary Faces and Thundershocks, Croconaw was down as well which left Zubat.

I easily took down Zubat with another Thundershock and the battle was won. He grumbled and shoved some money hastily in my hand. He then muttered another comment which was most likely about wimps and walked off. After facing the Firebreathers in the tower, I headed downstairs to see three beasts and my mouth dropped open in awe. Raikou. Entei. Suicune. The three legendary beasts. They must of noticed my presence because a second later Entei and Raikou leaped away gracefully. Suicune hopped around me a couple of times, gazing at me intensely before leaping away as well. Euisune came hurrying down and saying that Suicune only took notice of trainers with great talents. He then bidded me a goodbye and hurrily walked off. I headed back to Goldenrod for a bit of training with Exeggcute and then returned to the Pokecenter in Ecruteak. At that point I saved the game! I'll probably update when I finally get to Olivine or if it's taking a long time to update, after the battle in the Dance Theater.

Current Team:

Derk the Quilava
Level 25
-Flame Wheel
-Quick Attack
-Defense Curl

Jelli the Flaaffy
Level 22
-Cotton Spore
-Thunder Wave

Jake the Crobat
Level 24
-Confuse Ray
-Wing Attack

Ozzy the Poliwag
Level 23
-Body Slam
-Water Gun

Shawn the Nidorina
Level 24
-Fury Swipes
-Double Kick

Golurk the Exeggcute
Level 18
-Bullet Seed
-Leech Seed
mischief managed.
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