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Originally Posted by Xilfer123 View Post
I've got the shiny Gible that Benga gives you in Black 2. I also have a shiny Gyarados transferred from Soulsilver, and a hacked shiny Regirock I got from some random guy. (Don't ask)

I am currently using the Masuda Method to try and get me a shiny Golett. I'm breeding a Japanese Ditto with a Golurk from my game. Still no luck, unfortunately, but I'm hoping for that 1 in 1000-ish chance.
I got the shiny Dratini that Benga gives you in White 2, green Dragonite is way suckier than orange Dragonite, but eh, it's a Shiny!
I also found a wild Boldore that I trade back and forth with my friend so it would turn into a SHINY GIGALITH!

I found a shiny Sigilyph as well! Except it used whirlwind...
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