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Quote originally posted by Twihiki_Amias:
Asexual means that you are not attracted to either sex, sexually and romantically , but you can still have a crush on either sex though.

Bisexual means simply that you are attracted to both sex, sexually and romantically. It goes towards both looks and personality of the person, and at times you can fall in love and have a crush on both sex at the same time too.
An asexual and can just as well be romantic, and many are, seeking the love and companionship of whatever gender they connect with, but having little or no interest in the physical (ie. sexual) aspect of the matter. Conversely, a bisexual could be aromantic, let's say. One could even be a heteroromantic homosexual, in theory; and so on.

Quote originally posted by BlahISuck:
Is there a difference in the way you appraise male vs. female body odours?
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