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Misha Vedernikov - Bar Bistro Bez Kantów, Warsaw, Poland

October 31st, 2012
"Da, I have. Tree or four years, I sink. By accident I got zem, but AUP found me, like ve found you," Misha gave a nod and bow of thanks as Delta ordered the food and applauded his drinking of water. "And ve are much different to Royal family. Ve are unsure of their goal but all we can sink is zat zey are bringing togeser large amount of us at one time. So are ve, I suppose," he chuckled, "but not as many and not sas publically. Some of us have guessed world domination or building army or other sings but ve cannot be sure. Sey have never been innocent in past."

"AUP is Atlantean Unification Project," He added, making sure there was no confusion there.

"Take me to your leader," she answered to his last question. He beamed at her as if she had told him that he had just won the lottery.

"Da! Great! Sen, ve shall eat and sen ve shall go," he clapped his large hands together as their food arrived. Misha was very happy with his servings and ate his share with great force, hardly chewing his food before swallowing. After the two had made idle chat (idle as in Misha spent a great deal asking questions like 'vhat's your favourite colour?' through a mouth that was clearly quite full of hamburger) and finished their meals, Misha paid the bill and led Delta back to his car. He was much less forceful this time, politely opening the door for her to get in and wiping the glass off her seat from their previous endeavours.

"So," he started, climbing into the driver's seat. Despite the car being enormous in size, it was a wonder that Misha could fit into it bowing his head, "ve're going to France. Did you need anything before ve go?"

Frederick Salusbury - Atlantean Relief Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

October 31st, 2012
Frederick's eyes widended as the Santa girl in front of him fell to the floor and... morphed... into a boy. He froze on the spot, holding his breath as he tried to comprehend what had just happened. Of course, you'd think he'd be used to weird stuff, especially in his condition, but his thoughts were currently melded between 'what do I do' and 'I am so lucky I'm not this guy/girl'. Everyone else seemed to be in a similar position apart from the wimpering boy, the silence aside from the odd squeak was more awkward than the wreck on the floor.

Ms. Lukyanenko wasn't quiet for long, taking charge as a member of the Royal Family should.

"Are you alright? What's your name?" she asked the boy before turning to Agnes, as she had introduced herself. "Agnes, please take this man to the bathroom, we'll deal with details later."

She complied, leading the stumbling Frederick down a corridor. This... this was great! They were alone and Freddie had his chance! Hopefully there was an alternate exit than the one they had just came through. After a little, Agnes remembered he couldn't walk very well and came back to give him a hand.

"Thank you," he said rather gratefully. Gosh darn, he was sick of these feet.

"Did you come to register too, by the way?"

"Um, not quite," he turned back, making sure they were away from any wandering ears. It wasn't a great idea to try and say what he was about to say in a Royal Family building but he didn't have much of a choice at the moment. "You said you were Agnes Johansson? I haven't been honest with you or Ms. Lukyanenko or... um, that guy." His Swedish was growing more and more horrible. He sighed, rubbing his face with one of his hands and turned back to Agnes. "Do you speak English?"

"Freddie, really?" Frederick jumped and spun around like a rabbit caught in headlights, only to be met with a familiar face. A familiar face with ginger dreadlocks, golden eyes, slightly unkept facial hair, a squarish face, a muscular frame and a sly grin on his face. He was a little younger than Freddie, four or five years, but a lot taller than him. And probably braver looking. And he spoke English and Swedish too. Thank the gods.


"Yeah it's me. Don't be so loud, okay?" he shook the hand Freddie extended to him, leaning over slightly to look at his levitating companion. He turned back to Freddie with a raised eyebrow. "Is this Agnes? Are you Agnes?"
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