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Name: Lupa R. Romelus
Nickname: Wolf
Age: 13 Years old
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lupa resembles a small pochyena , a small 13 year old who is 4'08" and weighs 76 Lbs. he is frail and not toned . He wears a wrinkled black coat that goes to his knees that has lining of gray going around it, his shoes are boots are black that has white paw marks imprinted on it, His gloves are pitch black so that when he is sneaking food to eat the humans don't see him. He has auburn eyes that change with the season bright red in Summer and Fall and a light sapphire color in Winter and Spring. His white hair is genectic in his family of pure-hearts it has spikes on the end that don't seem to go down no matter what.
Personality: Lupa is ignorant and shy in dire situations. His stupidity is what gets him in trouble; once he almost got killed by humans after getting caught he tried to run into Pastoria. He gets scared about superstitions about ghost and dead things that his sister Reika teases him about, so he starts crying to his mommy. He makes bad decisions all the time getting caught up in idiotic situations making him nervous and scared. Lupa overall is like a 6 year old child much like a Pichu.
History: Lupa has a bad history he was born in Hearthome city but was later captured and sent to Jubilife city to be trained as a gladiator. His life in Jubilife was hard as he was low class struggling to survive he stole food from markets to feed his family. His pension for being a gladiator was being able to live in the PokeTech building for him and the rest of the gladiators family. Lupa was a scared little boy at first but as he grew up he became more muscular and violent, trained as a gladiator and also a servant to the gladiator slavemaster he learned things quick. He was entrusted with his own Pokemon for battle instead of fighting the other Pure-Hearted Pokemon with his own fist. He killed to survive and even survived off of the gladiators he defeated.
Class: Low life but advances his classes later in story if that is allowed
Pokémon: Weavile
Nickname: sBleed
Personality: sBleed is born to be wild. He hates other Pokémon and humans. He thrives to defeat all Pokémon that oppose him and slay humans when his master tells him to. He is very loyal to his master as he was given as a weapon not a pet to do nothing but kill; although he will do what his his master ( Lupa) tells him to.
Moves: Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Surf, Strength
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