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Alright, I released a patch. Check the first post for the link.

I really do enjoy a humorous hack, haha. Good luck, I hope this keeps people entertained for a while (including myself, I'll have to give it a look)
Thanks :D

Your screenshots look like they are getting better. I really like the story. So I guess that Gary is your brother in the game?
Thanks. But nope, I just didn't get around to changing his sprites yet.

Well would'nt that be a big contrast since Scyther can evolve and the other two don't?
also Heracross would be the winner unti Scizor in my opinion.
I think the starters aren't really the same level, even with stat editing.

also you didn't shrink them down :<
I gave pinsir rock stuff to balance him out. That way we have rock, flying and fighting working like fire, water and grass. (If the rival gets pinsir, it's level is lowered so you can actually beat it.) Also, they're shrunk now.

The name's pretty cool I like that :X
This hack looks amazing. The storyline is absolutely great. The line "After recently being forced to stay in a cave for shelter, the father decides that enough is enough and sets out to win the Pokemon League to earn enough money for a home" makes this hack a lot natural.
Thanks guys :D
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