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Having lost yet another flying type and losing a few of my screenshots, like the one of Erika, I decided to call it a day.

Update 2:

Today, my play was filled with bad decisions resulting in the loss of quite a few flying types, and therefore I won't do a long update due to me being annoyed with myself.
I managed to defeat Lt. Surge, Erika and the first battle with Giovanni, as well as defeating my rival in the Pokemon Tower. After that, I headed south to Fuchsia City, where I entered the gym took some damage from the Hypno's. Why, Game Freak, did you put psychic types in a poison type gym? Anyway, I decided to do a bit of training before saving my progress after losing another Pokemon. Here's the images I managed to keep.

My Team:

Lil/Meowth Lv.24
-Pay Day

Oddium/Vileplume Lv.32
-Sleep Powder

Pierce/Nidoking Lv.32
-Double Kick
-Poison Sting

Blaze/Charmeleon Lv.33
-Metal Claw
-Mega Kick

Coco/Butterfree Lv.33
-Sleep Powder


Oddium II/Oddish Lv.15
Spartan/Spearow Lv.15
Fang/Rattata Lv.14
Fear/Spearow Lv.13
Macho/Machop Lv.16
Gnasher/Rattata Lv.20
Rower/Spearow Lv.20
Safa/Nidoran M Lv.24
Oddien/Oddish Lv.26


Fletcher/Pidgey Lv4-14
Rage/Mankey Lv2-16
FletcherII/Pidgeotto Lv15-27
Triad/Dugtrio Lv29-30
Jolt/Eevee Lv25-27
Munch/Snorlax Lv30-30
Spear/Fearow Lv10-32
Pecks/Fearow Lv18-21

As you can see, I'm not having much luck with flying types, although I do still have a load of Spearows left in my box, which I'll probably burn through quite quick.