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Originally Posted by Jacusiek View Post
I have graphical problem while I'm fighting double or triple battles with trainers. The selection screen of moves gets crazy. When i check some move and I will choose another move, the frame from the first one won't disapear, it will still be. It happens only during double or triple battles. Here is the image of it:
I think it shouldn't happen. When I was playing that play, exactly the same rom of pokemon White, it didn't happen, I am sure, but now something broke (maybe because I'm using new Desmume? When I was playing pokemon some time before, I was using older version of Desmume). How to repair it?

P.S. I tried to download new rom of Pokemon W, but it also happens. I broke something in settings of desmume. What could it be?
Hi, new to emulators and this site, so bear with me. I'm having the same problem Jacusiek had, and as far as I can tell, there were no fixes offered. Any suggestions? As he said, the previous frames don't go away during double/triple battles (in the menu screen).
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