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Quote originally posted by IceGod64:
Here's a couple of suggestions:

Change the way pbPhoneRegisterBattle works to allow a conditional branch to let different answer let the Trainer say different things. For example:

Joey: We should trade phone numbers!
if yes: I'll call you if anything comes up.
if no: If you want my number then ask me again.
For this, you could just use pbFindPhoneTrainer(trtype,trname)!=nil in a Conditional Branch immediately after the register command. True means they were registered, false means they weren't.

Quote originally posted by IceGod64:
Additionally, perhaps you could add support for (But not necessarily examples of) different types of conversations to be allowed for individual trainers, or at least point to a place in the script where a use can define different phone conversations for different conditions.

Off the top of my head, that's all for now.
You mean a combination of the two existing kinds of contact, with the phone messages of the NPCs (i.e. use a Common Event) and the battle counting/activating of the trainers?

Hmm, perhaps.

Quote originally posted by rigbycwts:
I would suggest adding a "word filter" when nicknaming Pokemon like in B/W/B2/W2.
Like censoring rude words? What would be the point? Essentials doesn't have a way to send Pokémon between games, so there's no way anyone else can see and be offended by what you've called your Pokémon.
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