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Quote originally posted by Archeops12354:
I like that ability! :3
Maximum STAB for every attacking move, nice! And it could also work defensively, if the opponent uses a fighting move, just use a ghost move and his attack will have no effect!
Actually, come to think of it that seems too overpowered...
Quote originally posted by Forever:
STAB for everything sounds amazing. But would they actually do that? I know what MRAS said but it really does seem too strong, lol.
Yeah, it does seem pretty overpowered. What if a certain Pokemon has a boosting move (Swords Dance/Calm Mind) and utilizes their attacking moves in conjunction with this new ability? It could be devastating. D:

I'd like for there to be an ability opposite to Defeatist in which, if a Pokemon's health drops below half, that Attack/Special Attack are maximized.

Nothing too big. Think of it like Anger Point in Primeape, except more useful, I suppose. xD

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