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Originally Posted by Pachy View Post
I can't explain it yet. He just looks so ever loving adorable~ *squee*
Most grass types in the starter department don't happen to be very cute imo. So seeing a grass type I wouldn't die if seen with in my girliest is nice~
He certainly does look adorable! I think it's the eyes and mouth personally, they're so cheeky yet enticing. Although there's plenty of cute Grass types! I guess you're referring mostly to starters, so I raise you this picture:

Ready to take that back? ;D

Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
Name: TwilightBlade
Two cute Pokemon: Mareep and Whimsicott
Partner Pokemon: Arcelia the Whimsicott (♀)

I really adore Pokemon that are fluffy and that have beady lil' eyes, delicate lil' paws, and possibly an awesome tail! So Vulpix, Eevee, Mareep, and Delcatty are some of the cutest Pokemon ever to me. Whimsicott is also so bouncy and round. I love its curled horns too. I could glomp them all day long. :3
Hey slab, welcome to the club ♥ I can tell you really have a thing for big fluffy things! They'd just be so warm and huggable eee; but I think Mareep would be a pain to have as a partner, you'd get electric shocks whenever you went near her :( What made you choose Whimsicott as your partner instead of Mareep?
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