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Alicia – The Meeting

At one point, Alicia was simply watching the meeting worriedly, her eyes flicking between the Blaziken and the two heads of the tribes, keeping Penance’s plan in mind. And then suddenly, in the moments that followed, everything was as if it happened in slow-motion. She heard a loud ‘bang’, like the crack from a thunderstrike. Next, she saw in gruesome detail as blood spurted out of the back of Aecor’s head and his wide, surprised, dead eyes as he fell over backwards in the middle of a sentence, and someone shouting out off to the side.

The entire area was quiet for a few moments before everything erupted into chaos. Shouting, crying, screaming and within long, the sounds of various attacks from each group of Pokémon blasting back and forth, of all kinds of elements. Meanwhile, Alicia was completely frozen in place, eyes wide as she simply stared towards the fallen Aecor while attacks flew to and fro, Pokémon attacking one another up close.

If it hadn’t been for Penance contacting her via their psychic connection, Alicia would’ve simply stared blankly ahead of herself, completely lost in the fear and terror of what had just happened and was going on. She did, however, snap out of it thanks to her friend, stumbling back, away from the fighting before managing to boost the connection between the two of them to reply to him.

“A-alright! I’ll get ready!”

Alicia did what she could to keep those around her up to health using her Heal Pulse, sending out pulses of psychic, healing energy to those around her, though she made sure to keep the pulses controlled, to prevent herself from losing too much energy. She grit her teeth slightly at the lightning, fire, water, rocks and everything else being flung around, especially as Penance contacted her again, giving her a worst-case scenario plan. Her head turned to try and spot him in the midst of all of the moving bodies, without much luck.

She took in a deep breath of air and collected her hands in front of her, closing her eyes. A shiver went through her as she accessed the deepest recess of her mind, activating her psychic abilities, her eyes opening again, a purple tint to them. She moved her arms up, grasping several boulders having been thrown by the enemy tribe with her powers before lobbing them straight back at them, retaliating to the attacks by pushing and throwing Pokémon around, while staying behind a good line of fighters of her own tribe, though keeping her attacks slow and methodical.

As Penance contacted her again, her eyes widened and she broke off her attacks, turning her head in the direction where she had felt him contact her from, a sort of pinpointed location. Spotting Penance with a Marowak, dragging him towards her. She began moving towards him, but paused, looking back at the remaining Pokémon of their tribe fighting for their lives. She hesitated, worried about how many would die if she ran off with Penance. It only lasted a few moments, however. She had learned early on to trust Penance, and to believe in him and his plans, which, more often than not, proved to be spot on.

Taking a deep breath and a decision, she pushed her way towards him, and soon reached him, giving him a weary, panicked look. “I can’t focus much right now, so cross your fingers!” She shouted over the insanely loud shouting and fighting, as she grabbed onto Penance’s arm, shutting her eyes. Her hair raised up for just a moment before falling down again, as if a breeze had hit her, expanding her psychic touch to the Marowak and Penance, besides herself, and after a second of standing still, the three of them disappeared with just a little ‘pop’.

A second of complete darkness later, the three of them appeared on the beach of a small island far off the coast of Slateport. It was almost completely silent, save for the Wingulls’ screeching overhead and the gentle lapping of the waves. Alicia let go of Penance and stumbled a little back, having used quite a lot of energy in the fight, causing her to pant for air while looking around them.

“It… it seems safe enough. Oh gods, how could this have happened…? What’re we going to do now, Penance?”

She turned to him with wide, frightened eyes, clearly unsure of their situation.

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