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Originally Posted by FL . View Post
I partially disagree with IceGod. Essentials was made to isn't necessary for knowing scripting to make a Pokémon simple game. Not everyone is good at scripting, some people is good at Pixel Art, others at music, etc... But, I think that is necessary to know very basic things like "if/else" and "while".

If you like customized things (unlike some basic ones), so or you find some scripter to team up, or learn by yourself.
That's my view of Essentials, yes. You could be able to make a game without once going into the Script Editor. That's not to say you can avoid using scripts, though (you must use things like pbChangePlayer and Kernel.pbSetPokemonCenter and pbAddPokemon), but you can (barely) just get away with some copying of existing scripts. You'll still need to learn how things actually work, though, at least on a conceptual level.

Originally Posted by FL . View Post
Anyway, I suggest to Maruno add this Luka S.J. script to default Essentials.
So long as someone tells me what to do (either here or in a PM), okay.
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