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So here we have another fake card thread. This is basically the same as my old thread, put the first post isn't as cluttered and it doesn't include any of my really old, terrible-quality cards. All cards posted here were made and illustrated (or sculpted and photographed) by me. I like seeing how my artwork looks on cards and make them more for artistic purposes than actual playability (as I've never played the TCG competitively). Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy my fake cards.

Click the Dunsparce card thumbnail to view my fake card gallery.


Because I use so many different art styles, I credit myself with several different names:
  • Alex Bowen My real name
  • Akiyuki Aretukasu My fake "Japanese name"
  • Nekoban Ryo A username used elsewhere
  • Kariteki Taneko A corruption of my deviantART username (Karite-Kita-Neko)
  • KKN Graphics Short for Karite-Kita-Neko Graphics and used only for artwork made 100% digitally
  • A Borrowed Cat Graphics English translation of above and my actual Graphic Designer name, but rarely used as it doesn't tend to fit and ABC Graphics doesn't look as good as KKN Graphics
  • Alex "KKN" Bowen My real name combined with KKN Graphics and used only for artwork that was hand-drawn, then digitally enhanced


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