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@AppleMan... Well, your grammar could use a little improvement, but honestly that's just nitpicking. Also, there seems to be a bit of confusion between your SU and the main post (along with other post meant to clarify). I feel like you don't completely understand the main topic. I am fairly certain there is a clear statement, by me no less, that humans can not have a Pokemon. Your SU mentions that Lupa was given a Weevile, which implies that he wasn't Pure-Hearted at the time. Another point is that if Lupa is human he wouldn't be in Jubalife City (They kill humans on sight). Finally, your Pokemon has HM moves. I completely understand how easy it is to miss this part of the main post, but in the SU guidelines it says "Moves: (4-6 moves actually possible for the Pokemon to learn. HM’s do not count if they can learn that move they already know it [fly, surf etc.])."

@Kitori, you have been reviewed and are accepted. Welcome to the RP.

@EVERYONE: We really haven't taken into account the perverse affect on story that weather moves may have. Currently we are not going to limit or change any rules regarding these moves, but depending on how people use them we may have to create guidelines. So please try not to abuse these moves. Another thing that we would greatly appreciate is for everyone to mention where they are in their post. You can see an example of this in my post. The format we prefer is:

Character Name (Eric D. Levitz)
Place (Near Lake Acuity)

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