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Sorry that it took me this long, here's my SU:

Thomas 'Tommy' Yerington
For the most part, Tommy tends to be loud, outspoken, and has an ease at establishing conversations with strangers. While this has led to him attaining a lot of friends over his short life, there are also those who dislike him for it. Because of this, Tommy has harbored many friendships, rivalries and enmities, and he has been an active and avid Pokémon battler since before he even had a Pokémon trainer license. He considers himself a 'Youngster', which is a term used to describe children who make a pastime out of catching and training Pokémon (especially Rattata) despite not owning any Poké Balls.

Tommy's experience battling Pokémon at the playground has made him into a very good Pokémon battler and strategist, and his openness with Pokémon makes it easy for him to establish relationships with them. However, Tommy has a certain disliking towards Poison-type Pokémon, and he absolutely abhors Bug-types, which gives him a dislike towards Bug Catchers. However, his dislike for Bug Catchers comes nowhere close to his dislike towards Bug Maniacs or Lasses. Bug Maniacs because, let's face it, they're weird, and Lasses because they stand for anything cute, and as a Youngster, Tommy hates anything cute.

Tommy's eyes are the color of amber, with hints of yellow towards the pupil. He dresses as pictured above, but has both a rain jacket and a warmer fleece and leggings for colder weather. Since his shoes have very thin soles, Tommy mostly has to avoid hiking over any rocky hills or mountains.
Tommy was born in the outskirts of Undella Town, next to White Forest. He loved his childhood there; he would walk to school in Undella Town every morning along with the other kids from their small community and her… Rose. And it was such a fitting name too; she was fifteen, only three years older than the rest of them, she smelled of flowers every day and she didn't even go to school any more! She was a student at the local Pokémon Center, along with her Audino and Budew.

In school Tommy was also one of the most popular kids. He knew a different method to catch any sort of Pokémon, from a small Rattata to a heftier Bidoof. He was also one of the best battlers, which is why it hurt so much on that particular day. Two goons from Team Plasma had infiltrated Undella Town's school system in an attempt to "free wild Pokémon from their misguided mistreatment suffered at the hands of children". Parents rallied behind these goons, and while some children cried, others decided to rise up and take action.

Not many children are able enough to beat adults at Pokémon battling, and at Undella Town's elementary, if there was one student able to do that, it was Tommy, or so everyone assumed. When the Team Plasma goons came to Tommy's specific classroom, Tommy stood before them, with a huge Bidoof they'd just managed to poach. When he challenged one of the goons to a Pokémon battle, for the right to handle Pokémon, the goon approached the Bidoof, and stroking its head, proved that the Pokémon didn't mean to fight. The sound of Bidoof purring still irritates Tommy to this day.

The case received region-wide news, and led to the outlawing of Pokémon handling in many schools across Unova. Although Tommy's parents protested the case, he was ultimately expelled before his graduation could take place. Tommy's parents realized that the whole experience was taking a toll on their child and decided to allow him to fulfill his dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer. Although he understands that the events that would later bring about Team Plasma's takeover of Unova are not his fault, Tommy still feels responsible to some degree for what happened, and therefore seeks compensation by bringing about an end to their organization.
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