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Antonia Costa - New York Atlantean Relief Centre, America

"Okay Austin, I work for the Atlantean Royal Family. This relief centre is not one of ours; rather one set up by an independent company pretending to be us. Hence why there were so few Atlanteans here. We need to get out of here before I can explain more." She looked the kid in the eyes, trying to convince him she was telling the truth, but even to her it seemed absurd.

Nonetheless, she grabbed him by the hand and began running, retracing the steps she had take to get into the faux-centre in the first place. She would occasionally let go of his hand to deal with the meagre, human guards the private firm had obviously hired to protect the place, but something worried her in the back of her mind. As they continued to run, she nudged at the thing that was worrying her, taking a gasp as she realised just what was happening.

The two of them burst through the side door, out into the dingy alleyway and into a trap. It had puzzled her that there had only been a few guards within the building; and now she knew why. From the folds of guards a single man appeared, clapping slowly in congratulations.

"Well done, I commend both of you for escaping, but you see, you played right into our hands all along!"

"Jerry!" Antonia growled, biting back the resentment as tears began forming in her eyes. He had helped her gain access to the building, shown her which path to take and where then guards would be and when. She couldn't help but feel the sting, if he had been deceiving her the whole time, then had their relationship been a lie as well?

"I would love to stay and chat, but see, I have business to attend to, so I'll leave you both in the capable hands of my minions." Waving his hands, the guards' glazed over looks soon sharpened as their eyes narrowed in on the two of them. They were outnumbered well over ten to one; a fight that was almost impossible. Except the two of them had their own impossibilities to factor in the mix of things.

"Sorry Austin, looks like we're going to have to fight this one out. If we make this out alive, I'll give you a kiss." She winked at the kid, hoping the enthusiasm was enough to spur him on.

A few minutes later

The fight was going badly; Antonia was getting towards the end of her energy levels and couldn't keep up fighting for much longer while Austin seemed rather overwhelmed. Still, the two of them struggled through as one after another the guards seemed to recover and come straight back at them. She couldn't help but let the thoughts of being captured encroach upon her mind, causing more errors in her fighting than before. A kick here, a punch there, all to be knocked by a stray elbow; this fight was turning more into a beat down than an actual fight.

Just as she was about to give up, a familiar tingly sensation ran around her entire body making her hair stand on end. She felt her feet lift off the ground as she continued to float higher above the guards' reach. Looking over her shoulder, she could see a rather worn and beaten Austin reacting to the situation; one even the exhaustion couldn't stop her laughing at.

"Austin, welcome to the Atlantean Royal Family," she huffed as the two of them floated over the side of the building, the roof only just below them now.

"Where miracles come from," Another female spoke from the roof top, this one heavily inflected in Danish. She landed the two of them back onto the ground as the Helicopter roared into life, sending her blonde streaks flying.

"Austin, meet Marilyn; she just saved both our hides!" Antonia introduced her before leading Austin over to the Helicopter. "We can drop you off near your house, if you like, but we have a proposal for you." Once they were safely in the helicopter, Antonia helped Austin buckled himself in while Marilyn jumped into the cockpit with the pilot. She gestured to the both of them to put the headset in as the pilot took off, and once Austin had the headset on, Antonia popped the question.

"I came here to recruit you, Austin, the Atlantean Royal Family are a group of Atlanteans who intend to help Atlanteans coming to grips with and learning to control their abilities. We'll be heading to the airport; there you will be given the choice to join the Royal Family, or try to return to your 'normal' life." She wanted to give the kid a chance to make the decision for himself, and not sway his choice at all, despite River telling her that they needed him.

"So the question is: Do you want to join us, or not?"
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